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Quote for the Week!

Courage is the facilitator to honor. Without courage, it is hard to do the honorable thing day after day. The honorable thing is usually the hard road to travel.   Regardless of position, rank, or authority level, everyone has the power to set an example of leading with honor and courage to do the right thing and to remind others what the right thing is. It is not enough to just be honest, one must lead by example. —-Col. Lee Ellis

Red Badge of CourageReading this quote about courage reminded me of a day spent at Six Flags over Georgia many years ago right after the “Scream Machine” rollercoaster opened.  If you road it you got the “Red Badge of Courage”.  I actually road it 8 times in a row that day!  Crazy!  And while riding the Scream Machine doesn’t necessarily fall under “courage to do the right thing”, it definitely took courage.  And so…I asked myself today? Do I have the courage as I step onto life’s daily rollercoaster, with its ups and downs, to lead with honor and be an example to others by doing the right thing?  How about you?

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